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Peeing with the Door Open–and Other Discouraged Dating Behaviors

After a month or two of steady dates, you will feel very comfortable with the person you’re dating. The two of you will settle into a pattern of sleeping over at one another’s place a few times a week. You may not be saying “I love you” yet or even be full-fledged boyfriend and girlfriend, but you definitely know that the two of you are an item. This comfy time is an important part of a relationship’s development. You just want to make sure that you don’t get too comfortable.

Getting too comfortable includes doing private things like peeing with the door open, picking your nose (or picking at yourself in general), and passing gas in your lover’s company. This is not to encourage prudishness or to say you have to be overly formal. You just have to remember that in the first few months of a relationship, the two of you are still evaluating and learning about one another. No matter how comfortable you feel in the relationship, it’s still a precarious time and one of you could pull the plug at any moment. You don’t want to scare the person you’re dating away with getting too comfortable too soon. When one person starts doing things like rifling through their partner’s refrigerator or sorting through their mail, the other party’s defenses go up. They are now put in the position of protecting their territory, independence, and wondering just how comfortable you will get over time if you are already doing the above mentioned things at this point.
Preserve a degree of mystery and intrigue during the early stages of the relationship. If you and your boyfriend get in the mood for a sexy shower, don’t take a time-out to shave your legs. No matter how annoying that popcorn kernel stuck between your teeth is, extract it in the bathroom and not while lying next to your honey in bed. Keeping private acts private is about making your partner feel special—and not like your college roommate.
There’s no clear-cut rule about when you can or should start cutting loose, but it’s certainly not during the early parts of the relationship. If the relationship works out, there will be plenty of time to let your partner watch you examine your nose hairs. Until then, be one another’s pretty little prince and princess.

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